Corporate Finance Facilitation Company - Megafin Capital, Dubai UAE
Megafin Capital LLC

A Corporate Finance Facilitation Company facilitating Debt & Equity Funding - Trade Financing, Working Capital, Project Finance, Machinery Equipment Lease, Equity Investment, Strategic Partnerships for Business & Projects in Dubai, UAE, GCC & MENA region.

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Megafin Capital LLC

Success through Finance Facilitation

About US - Megafin Capital LLC

We are a decade old Finance Facilitation Company based in Dubai and active in the Gulf region especially in UAE, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain as well as in MENA region, the Subcontinent and CIS countries.

We arrange financing and funding for companies through various banking and financing institutions. We add value to our services thanks to our experience, expertise and established working relations with various financing institutions. We are fast and efficient in our dealings and get the deal done in a short period of time.

We mainly arrange Equity and Debt Finance for Corporates, which include Strategic Partnerships, Private Equity by Institutions, Trade Finance, Working Capital Facilities, Buyer’s and Seller’s Credits, Equipment and Machinery Lease Finance, Project Finance, Islamic Finance, etc.

During the recession, several difficult financing deals have been concluded in record times and we are currently holding mandates for arranging finance for major private sector companies as well as publicly traded and government related institutions.

We provide highly professional service to our regular clients, who are major companies of UAE - Corporate Houses, Group Companies, MNCs, Manufacturers, Exporters and Importers and Service Sector Companies, etc.

We protect information and maintain strict confidentiality of our client’s information and the deals.

We have proven track record and we understand the market challenges and business finance requirements and can assist you with flexible and comprehensive financing solutions that will help your business meet growth, expansion and cash flow requirements.

Some of the fundings and facilities arranged during 2010

Term Loan facility for a manufacturing company in Dubai US$ 10M
Term Loan Facility of for a trading, service and rental company in Sharjah US$ 21M
Equity Finance for Abu Dhabi based Manufacturing Company AED 280M
Debt Finance for a Pharmaceutical Company AED 200M
Trade Finance Facility for a Fuel Trading Company in Northern Emirates AED 49M
TR facility for a Group of Companies in Abu Dhabi US$ 20M


Megafin Capital is a finance facilitation company, dedicated to providing access to sources of debt and equity capital for companies seeking external capital. By building powerful relationships with banking and financial institutions and our valued clients, we strive for strategically utilize our resources and expertise to make a powerful impact in the targeted niche market.


Megafin Capital LLC facilitates Corporate Finance, Trade Finance Facilities and Project Funding mainly in Dubai, UAE and other GCC countries.

Services facilitated by Megafin Capital include :
  • Equity Financing
  • Corporate Trade Finance and Facilities
  • Lease Finance for Equipment and Machinery
  • Islamic Financing
  • The finance that you require

    Get the right Trade Finance Facilities for your Business

    Are you looking for the workable finance and facilities for your company?
    Are you looking for the financial freedom to expand and grow?
    Is your business growth being restricted especially during the difficult time?
    Sick of hassles and harassments especially in very difficult time for your business?
    Your facilities has been curtailed, rates hiked and being asked for more security recently?
    Is your business credibility in question?
    Are you frustrated with your existing funding sources that do not assist you when you need the financing the most? Did you feel that when you needed them most, they walked away?
    Does your current financing source actually understand you and your requirements?
    Are you in need of additional/alternative source for business finance requirements?
    Would you like to have the best markets rates, fast and efficient service, qualified assistance, understanding and sincere co-operation and strategic partnerships for your business?

    As you grow and also sometimes due to market conditions you face some temporary difficulties. Your business has to be in a good position to weather effects of the downturn.

    As the economy is recovering from the impact of the financial crisis, additionally there are fresh growth potentials amid the declining prices and competition brought by the crunch. This might be a time to boost your trade. Your company may now need further growth, expansion and development.

    And perhaps this may be the time to get new finance for your company. It may be better now to seek a new and alternative source of funding, if your own bank chose not to support you and your business during the difficult time of recession and increased the cost of your funding, reduced your borrowing limits or asked for more security.

    Megafin Capital LLC will assist you so that your company gets the right type of finance required for your business needs from highly respected market leaders at lower interest rates as well as fast approvals to help you act fast on new opportunities and to meet immediate needs.