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Megafin Capital LLC

A Corporate Finance Facilitation Company facilitating Debt & Equity Funding - Trade Financing, Working Capital, Project Finance, Machinery Equipment Lease, Equity Investment, Strategic Partnerships for Business & Projects in Dubai, UAE, GCC & MENA region.

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During the past decade, Megafin Capital has built a strong client base in the UAE, other GCC countries -Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and, KSA and also in Indian sub-continent, MENA region and CIS Countries. We have more than 5,000 client companies in UAE and elsewhere.

Our clients mainly include Trading, Manufacturing and Service sector companies-

  • General Trading Companies
  • Exporters and Importers
  • Factories and various Manufacturing Companies
  • Trade Houses, Business Groups and Corporations
  • MNCs
  • Finance Institutions
  • Service Sector Companies
  • SMEs
  • Independent Project Promoters, etc

    Traditional lenders focus on local well-established companies and easily understood projects. When companies and their projects fall outside these boundaries, borrowers find it difficult to get required financing. These are our clients – standard and non- standard companies and international projects with solid management and plans that may fall outside traditional lending criteria.

    All of the financings that we arranged for companies have improved our client's cash flows and allowed them to successfully expand their business and grow. The recession has less affected our clients and their businesses are picking up. Except in few cases, no other companies that we arranged finance had any major problem during the recession as their cash flow was strong.

    We are currently holding our clients mandates for arranging Working Capital, Project Finance, Equity Investment, Trade and Machinery Finance Facilities, etc. exceeding amount of AED 1 B +. Several proposals are in final stages of approvals, finalization and disbursements.


    Some of the finance and facilities arranged for our clients in the UAE and GCC countries include

    in million  
    1.Real Estate Finance for a Diversified Group150
    2.Working Capital Facility for a General Contracting Company100
    3.Equipment Finance for a Rental Company35
    4.Equipment Finance for a Manufacturing Company35
    5.Working Capital Facility for a Trading Company20
    6.Equipment Finance for a Construction Company39
    7.Finance for a Heavy Equipment Rental Company28
    8.Construction Equipment finance for a Contracting Company13
    9.Working Capital Facility for Foodstuff Trading Company20
    10.Printing and Packaging Machinery Finance17
    11.Trade Finance facility for a Company in Oman13
    12.Equipment Finance for a Company in Qatar45
    12.Trade Finance for Packaging Company in UAE12
    13.Working Capital Facility for Distribution Company22
    14.Equipment Finance for Foodstuff Packaging Company21
    15.Working Capital Facility for General Trading Company14
    16.Working Capital Facility for Petroleum Products Trading15
    17.Working Capital Facility for Base Oil Trading Company10
    18.Equipment Finance for Office Equipment Rental Company12
    19.Equipment Finance for Package Material Company17
    20.Equipment Finance for Ready Mix Company19

    The Latest deals

    Sept 20106 months TR facility for Abu Dhabi based CompanyUS$ 20M
    Oct 20105 year TL facility for Sharjah based CompanyUS$ 20M