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Megafin Capital LLC

A Corporate Finance Facilitation Company facilitating Debt & Equity Funding - Trade Financing, Working Capital, Project Finance, Machinery Equipment Lease, Equity Investment, Strategic Partnerships for Business & Projects in Dubai, UAE, GCC & MENA region.

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Lease Finance, Equipment Finance

Megafin Capital facilitates Finance Lease, Operating Lease, Islamic Lease Finance (Ijarah) for qualified companies in UAE and GCC countries for financing

Equipment, Machinery and Plants

Equipment Machinery Finance up to US$ 5 M is arranged for qualified companies in the UAE, GCC.

Heavy Vehicle, Transport Vehicle and Fleets

Megafin Capital assists in arranging fleet and vehicle finance upto US$ 2 M and tenure for upto 36 months with minimum down payment and fast approval. Vehicles financed include commercial vehicles like Cranes, Trailers, Heavy Transport Vehicles, Trucks, Buses etc. We arrange lease finance for practically all kinds of vehicles that can be registered with the Traffic department.
Documents required : RTA Report, Job Contract with Customers, Quotation of the Vehicles

A wide range of options available for equipment financing and leasing programs can be availed by following types of companies in GCC countries in a broad range of industries like manufacturing, trading, and service sector business like

  • Factory, Production and Manufacturing facilities
  • Transport Company, Land Transport, Heavy Vehicle Transport, Passenger Transport Company
  • Rental Company, Equipment and Machinery Rental, Rent-A-Car, Bus Rental
  • Shipping and Marine Company, Cargo and Freight, Clearing and Forwarding, Courier Company
  • Contracting, Construction
  • Trading and various companies that are operating commercial vehicles

    For qualification company should be 3 year old with 3 years audited balance sheets.

    For further details please contact us.

  • Operating Lease

    What is Operating lease?
    It is a lease for part time usage of the equipment and machinery or for a limited project period. It is usually used to get equipment on a short-term basis. But you can fully use of the equipment as long as you need and want it.

    Why it is called 'off-balance sheet' financing?
    'Off-balance sheet' financing means in fact it is not a liability to your company finance. This type of lease is beneficial for company that need to keep the lease finance out of their financial statements.

    What about the ownership of the Equipment?
    With an operating lease, only the right to use the property is transferred and not the actual ownership of the asset. The company is only required to record the operating expenses of the equipment and it does not affect the balance sheet of the company at all.

    Get benefit with our risk
    Your company gets the benefit from equipment while the equipment financier takes the risk of the equipment’s total and residual value. An operating lease can have significant financial advantages compared to alternatives such as usual lease finance, bank facilities or term loans.

    For limited period of projects
    If you need a new equipment or plant to complete a particular project, job or order, an Operating Lease is the right finance you need. It’s the right and ideal for any business that needs to use a machinery, plant or equipment for a specific length of time or during project period only.

    Improve your cash flow
    Operating lease improves your cash flow immediately and streamlines your finances by matching rental payments to your incomes.

    Use the equipment further or return the used equipment
    You can use the equipment as long as you require it. Then, at the end of the term, the equipment financier takes back the used equipment or you can extend the agreement to further use the equipment.

    All types of business like rental, construction, project company can benefit from an Operating Lease.


  • Improved cash flow
  • No liability to company finance, 'Off-balance sheet' treatment
  • Streamlining and matching the income
  • Flexible terms
  • The financer takes the risk in the resale / residual value of the asset for you
  • Rental and return conditions fixed at the beginning
  • Lower rentals - free from residual values
  • The length of the lease period usually do not exceed 75% of the life of the asset
  • Ownership is not transferred at the end of the lease only contract period may be increased
  • There is no need to purchase the used equipment when the lease term ends

    Islamic Lease finance: Operating Lease Ijara
    The lease finance is a renting of equipment that can be used to lease a variety of equipments.
    The Shariah-compliant product offering institution acquires title to the asset and provides it to the customer on rent. At no time title to the asset is passed to the customer nor it is expected to be passed. If the customer wishes to purchase the asset at a later date a separate agreement is drawn up.

    Please contact us for arranging operating lease finance for your company.