Corporate Finance Facilitation Company - Megafin Capital, Dubai UAE
Megafin Capital LLC

A Corporate Finance Facilitation Company facilitating Debt & Equity Funding - Trade Financing, Working Capital, Project Finance, Machinery Equipment Lease, Equity Investment, Strategic Partnerships for Business & Projects in Dubai, UAE, GCC & MENA region.

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Megafin Capital - Services

Megafin Capital – Success through Finance Facilitation

We are commercial, business and corporate finance facilitators. We are also independent business finance advisers and commercial finance intermediary.

We arrange project finance as well as conventional financing solutions ranging from traditional institutional finance to structured finance and private equity for companies for their various projects.

For more than a decade, we are providing solutions to institutional and corporate clients in more than 30 countries -the UAE, GCC countries, Middle East region, CIS Countries and the sub-continent and expanding to other parts of the world.

Corporate Finance - Financing Faciliatated by Megafin Capital

Megafin Capital helps deliver value and growth by assisting businesses and entrepreneurs with corporate finance arrangements and strategic consulting services to finance their businesses and projects.

Megafin Capital offers multiple options to meet almost every finance requirement and assists clients to get the best finance offered by the market leaders at the best interest rates.

Financing services and solutions faciliatated by Megafin Capital include

Equity Financing

  • Institutional Equity Investment
  • Strategic Partnerships
    for mainly Trading, Manufacturing and Service sector industries in UAE, GCC MENA region and the sub-continent

    Debt Financing arranged for Companies include both funded and non-funded facilities

  • Working Capital Facilities
  • Trade Finance Facility Limits
  • LC and TR Facilities
  • Discounting and Back to Back LCs
  • Term Loans
  • SME Finance and Business Loans
  • Financing for Large Companies and Corporates
  • Project Finance

    Lease Finance

  • Plant, Machinery and Equipment Lease Finance
  • Lease Financing for Heavy Vehicle and Fleets
    More about lease finance solutions

    Trade Finance and facilities to improve cash flow and growth

    We arrange fund-based and non-fund based limits for our clients including
  • Working Capital
  • Term Loans
  • Letter of Credits - LCs, Back to Back LCs and discounting of LCs (by banks of more than 100+ countries)
  • Trust Receipts - TR, Loan Against Imports - LAI
  • Over Draft - OD
  • Buyer’s Credit
  • Check Discounting Facility
  • Invoice Discounting Facility - Immediate payment for the supplies
  • Vendor-Supplier Financing - Directly paying your supplier

    Islamic Finance

  • Shariah-compliant Trade Finance, Lease Finance and Equity Finance.
    More about Islamic Financing solutions

    Support and Advisory

  • Due diligence
  • Business Plans
  • Market research
  • Feasibility Studies